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Through its exclusive coverage of industry news, features, and analysis, Clinical OMICs keeps industry leaders current with critical information about translational research, tools, regulations, and applications impacting molecular pathology, the development of omics technologies and diagnostics, and the delivery of precision medicine.

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Clinical OMICs is the leading source of actionable insights for pathologists, clinicians, researchers, and scientists working to translate important findings across the broad range of omics technologies to deliver on the promise of molecular and precision medicine for patients.

Core areas of focus:

  • Clinical genomics
  • Big data and bioinformatics
  • Precision medicine
  • Next-gen sequencing
  • Genome interpretation
  • Proteomics, metabolomics, other omics
  • Noninvasive diagnostics/liquid biopsies
  • Regulatory issues
  • Clinical decision support
  • Molecular diagnostics
  • Gene editing
  • Business news
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