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Webinars and eBooks

Webinars and eBooks from Clinical OMICs put an unmatched concentration of highly engaged, qualified leads directly in the hands of your sales team. Our 360-degree design, development, and deployment service includes editorial consultation, production and design management, and a comprehensive marketing plan both pre- and postpublication. Webinars (60-75 minutes) are developed on a subject of your choice, provide real-time interaction with our readers, and can be executed in either audio or video format. eBooks (20-25 pages) position educational content, assets, and ads alongside high-value Clinical OMICs content on a topic of your choice via an innovative, interactive platform.

Clinical OMICs Webinars

Return on Your Investment

  • Highly engaged, qualified leads
  • Comprehensive editorial, design, production, and marketing services
  • Traffic and engagement reporting
  • Archiving on Clinical OMICs website for 12 months
  • Direct link to final product for your marketing
  • Ask about adapting your webinar into a white paper or your eBook into print for extended distribution
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